We are kicking off 2021 by adding another fantastic member to our team. Please join us in welcoming Eva Nahari. She starts this week as a Principal in our San Mateo Office (tho we are still fully remote).

Eva joins us from Cloudera, where she led the product team in the last 9 years. While she was at Cloudera, she headed the Executive Customer Advisory Board that included executives from Global 2000 organizations. Also, she has been an active angel investor in companies like InOrbit, Smart Human Dynamics, and Sensorygen.

We asked Eva why she is joining DNX Ventures.


(This content is based on the discussion of Rob Fry, former Netflix Cloud Architect and current CTO at Armorblox, as well as Andrew Maloney, Co-Founder and COO at DNX portfolio company Query.ai, at our Webinar in July, 2021)

The problems facing today’s incident response and investigation teams are largely not new issues, however, there are many ways enterprises can leverage new technologies to change their approach to security. In this article, we’d like to address how enterprises’ approach to cyber security has evolved in recent years and where it is going in the future.

Learnings from Netflix in 2011


At July’s DNX Executive Advisory Board (EAB) Meeting, we touched upon five major factors that are impacting the cyber security sector, and how enterprises can protect themselves to overcome the challenges.

Cyber Security Macro Trends

Our session in July covered Cyber Security and began with an overview of current macro trends from our Managing Partner, Hiro Rio Maeda. One of the major shifts in the world of cyber security recently has been the rise of nation-state attacks on businesses. …

DNX Ventures is pleased to announce our investment in a Japanese retail startup, ROMS, Inc. We started working with the ROMS team at their Seed round and for this new Series A round, we have invested together with the University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners.


Who is ROMS?

ROMS, Inc. is a startup that develops, manufactures and provides solutions for omni-channel store automation, labor-saving and warehousing platforms based on robotics technology and automation solutions, as well as new purchasing experiences for consumers. …

We are welcoming Yuma Tanaka as an Investment VP for the Japan team.

Yuma was DNX Ventures’ first associate back in 2016, and he subsequently started an HR tech startup which was acquired in 2020. He started his career at Mitsubishi Corporation where he worked on alternative asset fund formation and fund management in the real estate and renewable energy sectors.

For the past few months, Yuma has been leveraging his experience as an ex entrepreneur to support members of our new incubation program, SPROUND, as a community manager in charge of planning workshops among other things. …

Japan, along with other countries, was not immune to the great economic impact of COVID-19. How has the funding landscape for startups been during the pandemic? We heard from three B2B SaaS companies that strategically raised millions of dollars in the past 6 months: Mr. Takashi Nakagawa, CEO of KAKEHASHI Inc., Mr. Yoshiaki Hirano, Founder of XICA Co., Ltd., and Mr. Takeshi Aida, Founder of RevComm Inc.

This blog post is written based on the transcription of “B2B Summit Online #2” hosted by DNX Ventures on November 11, 2020.

Impact of COVID-19 : 3 Funding Tales

Kurabayashi, DNX(Moderator): I’d like to begin by summarizing the state of…

The cloud market is one of the fastest-growing and largest technology sectors, dominated by Amazon Web Services ($45B annual run rate and 45% market share), followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The total volume of the public cloud services market was $370B in 2020, and it is expected to grow by a rate of 17% this year. In this market, the cloud infrastructure and workload management segment are estimated to be $12B, according to Gartner. …

Please extend a warm welcome to the newest member to join the DNX team: Hajime Sugino.

Hajime came onboard DNX Ventures after having worked in the US as a certified public accountant at Ernst & Young, then for Japanese listed companies’ US offices, as well as a CFO at a Japanese startup, handling their business development in the US. At DNX, he hit the ground running as the finance manager at our US office, bringing with him his experience as a CFO at a startup and the professionalism of a US certified public accountant. We are so excited to have…

Over the past few years, we at DNX have been focused on deepening our understanding of the retail sector and building out our investment thesis on the future of retail tech startups. More recently, COVID-19 has irrevocably changed the overall outlook of the sector and we would like to share some of our research on the structural shifts that we’ve witnessed. This post is an extension of a retail tech industry overview presentation that we did for our LPs.

In Part I, we discussed why DNX is focusing on the retail tech space and the impact of COVID-19 on the…

Interview with Chelsie Lee, CEO and Founder of SHIPSI and Gene Han, Managing Partner of Halo Advisory (former Head of Innovation at Target)

As people and companies adapt to the new normal, we’ve seen many new technologies in retail tech rising during this pandemic. We discussed with two industry experts how startups and large retail brands are surviving during this unusual time and what will remain as a norm after COVID-19.

Here’s an interview with Chelsie and Gene, from the “B2B Summit Online #2” presented by DNX Ventures on November 10, 2020!

To watch the full interview:

Foot Traffic to Airports, Bars, and Restaurants decreased by 70–80% compared to last year while E-Commerce growth skyrocketed

Rio: Hello, everyone. My name is Rio, Managing Partner from DNX ventures. Today I have Gene Han and Chelsie Lee joining us to talk about…

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