Takeaways from the DNX Ventures webinar: featuring Omkhar Arasaratnam, former Executive Director, Head of Data Protection Technology at JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Gadi Bashvitz, CCO at NeuraLegion. You can access the session recording here.

How software was written in the past

Before modern application development practices, in the late 90s and early 2000s, software moved slower. At that time, waterfall was the standard practice. Requirements were categorized into functional and nonfunctional where there may be security requirements in either bucket. After thinking through the requirements, the design process began to build out the requirements. Finally, once code is…

Customer Success and Support organization transformations, as discussed with Angus Klein

DNX Ventures recently hosted B2B Summit 2021 Online, which had a focus on customer services organizations in transformation, due to the rapid increase in digitalization and SaaS trends. In this blog, you’ll find a summary of the fireside chat between Eva Nahari (Principal, DNX Ventures) and Angus Klein (VP of Global Support, Snowflake).

The move towards digitalization has accelerated in the past year in response to the pandemic. Analysts estimate a fast-forward of this trend by years as a result. This means increased pressures on efficiency and online scale…

She joins us in San Mateo as the Platform Manager, partnering and supporting DNX portfolio CEOs and Founders.

Takako joins us from Plug and Play, where she helped startup companies with their customer and business development needs. She brings her positivity, creativity, experience, and passion for helping early-stage startups to DNX.

We asked Takako about her career thus far.

“Growing up as a relatively quiet introvert, my career started with an unexpected role in sales and account management. Moreover, having spent a decade in the US, I had to overcome an initial culture shock to work in Japanese society. However…

The DNX Ventures B2B Summit Online brings together industry leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and investors to cover topics about the future of business. In this virtual format, the summit reaches a vast audience spanning across the Pacific Ocean. This event was focused on customer support and customer success in transformation, which is rapidly rising on C-level agendas in an increasingly digital business environment.

Key speakers at the event included:

Eva Nahari — Principal, DNX Ventures

Angus Klein — VP of Global Support, Snowflake

Hajime Hirose — CEO, Alphaus

Prosenjit Sen — CEO, Quark.ai

In the past, customer support and…

We have a powerhouse new addition to the already formidable DNX team! Please welcome Mio Takaoka, who joined DNX in 2021 as a partner based in Tokyo.
Having been one of the first VC investors in the Japanese FinTech space, she is deeply immersed in the field and will leverage the insights gained over her career to discover and help scale truly innovative FinTech companies. She has also expanded her reach into the digital healthcare sector through her role as CFO and Member of the Board at MedicalNote, Inc., …

(This content is based on the discussion of Rob Fry, former Netflix Cloud Architect and current CTO at Armorblox, as well as Andrew Maloney, Co-Founder and COO at DNX portfolio company Query.ai, at our Webinar in July, 2021)

The problems facing today’s incident response and investigation teams are largely not new issues, however, there are many ways enterprises can leverage new technologies to change their approach to security. In this article, we’d like to address how enterprises’ approach to cyber security has evolved in recent years and where it is going in the future.

Learnings from Netflix in 2011


At July’s DNX Executive Advisory Board (EAB) Meeting, we touched upon five major factors that are impacting the cyber security sector, and how enterprises can protect themselves to overcome the challenges.

Cyber Security Macro Trends

Our session in July covered Cyber Security and began with an overview of current macro trends from our Managing Partner, Hiro Rio Maeda. One of the major shifts in the world of cyber security recently has been the rise of nation-state attacks on businesses. …

DNX Ventures is pleased to announce our investment in a Japanese retail startup, ROMS, Inc. We started working with the ROMS team at their Seed round and for this new Series A round, we have invested together with the University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners.


Who is ROMS?

ROMS, Inc. is a startup that develops, manufactures and provides solutions for omni-channel store automation, labor-saving and warehousing platforms based on robotics technology and automation solutions, as well as new purchasing experiences for consumers. …

We are welcoming Yuma Tanaka as an Investment VP for the Japan team.

Yuma was DNX Ventures’ first associate back in 2016, and he subsequently started an HR tech startup which was acquired in 2020. He started his career at Mitsubishi Corporation where he worked on alternative asset fund formation and fund management in the real estate and renewable energy sectors.

For the past few months, Yuma has been leveraging his experience as an ex entrepreneur to support members of our new incubation program, SPROUND, as a community manager in charge of planning workshops among other things. …

Japan, along with other countries, was not immune to the great economic impact of COVID-19. How has the funding landscape for startups been during the pandemic? We heard from three B2B SaaS companies that strategically raised millions of dollars in the past 6 months: Mr. Takashi Nakagawa, CEO of KAKEHASHI Inc., Mr. Yoshiaki Hirano, Founder of XICA Co., Ltd., and Mr. Takeshi Aida, Founder of RevComm Inc.

This blog post is written based on the transcription of “B2B Summit Online #2” hosted by DNX Ventures on November 11, 2020.

Impact of COVID-19 : 3 Funding Tales

Kurabayashi, DNX(Moderator): I’d like to begin by summarizing the state of…

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